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Joint-Strike-for-PEACE against JSF #JSFP

Frequency Factor ~ HarmonICE-HEAlth
De tekst is niet netjes geformatteerd.. Lokaal werkt dat wel op de Apache Server. We hebben er echter voor gekozen dat de site wel navigeerbaar is. Tjarko & Petra Holtjer
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Op afspraak af te halen op onderstaand adres (contant):
2 uur Kinesiologie balancering voor 45 Euro
1 uur voedingsanalyse voor 25 Euro
1 uur hart uitstorten voor 25 Euro
1 uur adviesgesprek (v)echtscheiding voor 25 Euro
halve liter zilverwater voor 20 Euro
900 g Himalaya Kristalzout voor 20 Euro
Kan (ook) via de post (2 euro porto):
Een 10ml druppel flesje zilverwater druppels voor 9 Euro
Tegen micro-organismen die niet in het lichaam thuis horen
diverse Energetix Magneetsieraden uitverkoop zie Marktplaats

We have to listen to this girl; this should have been world news back in 1992... But the UN kept it from the main news stream.
Thanks to Youtube we can show what really happened there in Brazil!

20 years later

Still happening in the world…

Health Freedom Activists keep on fighting for their rights to obtain the nutrients they need to be and to stay healthy.
This movie tells the story… I've gathered over 700 nutrients with their workout on the body... With that I can help people regain their health most of the times.
Codex Alimentarius was in de jaren 60 opgericht om het voedsel gelijkmatig over de wereld te verdelen; dat lijkt niet echt gelukt en we blijven toekijken…

Acupressuur voor zelfhulp, of hulp van anderen

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What can I tell you here? There is a lot to learn for those who want to take the responsibility for their health themselves. Just have a look around and don't hesitate to ask when you want to know something more about a subject. I've been around in this subject for over 5 years now. And there are a lot of people around the world in my network for health freedom. Unfortunately it is still needed to fight for the fact that you can buy your lemons at a foodstore, not at a drug-store. No I am not exaggerating. Add me on Skype: Yellow_Crystal_Star
Yours in Service as far as our knowledge reaches... We found a truth about cancer, bipolar disorder, schizofrenia, food, gm food and a lot more... Feel free to read the gathered articles since 1983... The year that I started with my computer; an Apple ][

Remember once upon a time mankind lived just like the animals... using a natural calendar... knowing that the moon runs 13 times around the world during one solar year, leaving one day to synchronize with the solar year...

Originally the Maya's found the way the world is developping and we should be changing our calendar to a more natural way of timing our pathways.. The 13 moon - 28 days calendar. And there are other sources of truth approaching the earth from other dimensions...

There are a lot of books being channelled towards our planet. I know it is very important to collect a few of them to find at least part of the truth. Don't hesitate to contact me if you think you have found one book as well.

My goal: unite this planet to restore peace and live happily together ever after.

Aspartame Kills (an internetfriend of mine in 2003 was killed. His family still keeps his website alive!)

"Wijs is hij die de wijsheid van anderen gebruikt"
"Het moment is waar de toekomst overgaat in het verleden"
(Tjarko Holtjer)
"Tob niet, het komt toch anders"
Jacob Eise Rietsema - 1912~1985)
"Vrede thuis. Vrede in het Universum"
(Atatürk 1881~1938)
"Laat uw voedsel uw geneesmiddel zijn en
uw geneesmiddel uw voedsel"
(Hippocrates - 460~370 v. Chr)